Comments from Candidate Chris Smiley

10 Jun

We got a message from Candidate Chris Smiley for school Board District 5 today . We wrote to him to ask him what his feeling where on the new Alaucha County public school uniform rule . Here is what Chis had to say:

“I’m against school uniforms. The research shows that uniforms do not lessen dress code violations, nor do they make students behave or perform better in school.
The main ‘issue’ as claimed by board members really comes down to enforcement of dress code standards already in place. Mandating uniforms will not solve this.

Some people say that uniforms are not that bad, but there is absolutely no reason to implement them! We cannot just accept this. Making everyone buy and wear this stuff based on false premises or because some people think it looks nice is outrageous and wrong.
It is unjust for a public institution to make people abide by this policy when there is no conclusive evidence showing that an incredible good can come from the restriction of a certain freedom. It is even more unjust because of the unnecessary cost to families.

We need to be dealing with the fundamental problems of education instead of mindlessly taking away the rights of students and parents.” –Chris Smiley for school Board District 5

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